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Womens Cycling & Biking Jacket

On top of the immense protection they provide, these cycling jackets are also recognised across the cycling community for their unique style. Browse the original hand-drawn artwork and thoughtful designs, which have been inspired by such diverse sources as 1960s Scandinavian floral patterns, Frida Kahlo and more. 

Our Womens Cycling & Biking Jacket

Our women’s cycling jackets are ideal for cool and windy conditions, especially when worn in conjunction with a pair of ultra-comfy women’s cycling tights or bib shorts. Our jackets are also great paired with a base layer during the colder months.

Keep warm and stay stylish with Cycology’s women’s cycling jackets. We’re a leading online destination for unique cycle clothing. Shop the latest range now and enjoy free shipping on eligible orders and simple 90-day returns.

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