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Winter Cycling Gloves

Winter can be a great time of year to ride your bike. Make the most of the cold weather with a pair of our winter cycling gloves, which will add style, warmth, flexibility and comfort to your rides.

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Velo Tattoo Winter Cycling Gloves

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Our Winter Cycling Gloves

The best gloves for cycling in winter will keep your hands warm while also wicking away moisture and remaining breathable so your hands don't get too clammy. And our exceptional, comfortable winter cycling gloves do just that.

From the internal brushed fleece lining that keeps your hands lovely and warm to the windproof, moisture wicking lining on top to keep them dry, every aspect of our winter cycling gloves has been designed for our fellow riders and racers who require full-finger cool weather protection.

Other refined details of these popular winter cycling gloves include durable silicone grip palms for improved grip and comfort, microsuede inserts on the gear-shifting fingertips for grip, brushed fleece panel on the thumb to wipe away sweat, and wide cuffs for easy on/off.

The original hand-drawn or painted prints on our winter cycling gloves are inspired by the raw beauty we see all around us on our rides, and our fellow riders. We hope these will also inspire you to proudly express your shared passion for cycling, wherever it takes you.

Ideal on their own for cold-weather performance or combined with glove liners during extreme weather conditions, our winter cycling gloves look especially great when mixed and matched with our vivid, stylish cycling caps, jerseys and jackets, shorts and cycling socks for head-to-toe style and comfort while riding.

Browse our complete cycling gloves range and other essential cycling accessories. Or shop cycling gloves for winter at Cycology, the creative, cycling obsessed brand now worn by cyclists in over 80 countries, and get free shipping on eligible orders.

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