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  • How To Look after Your Cycling Gear

    How To Look after Your Cycling Gear

Thanks for purchasing CYCOLOGY performance products!

Here's how to make it last longer, taking care of the beautiful performance fabrics & finishes of our performance and race fit jerseys.

Remove any mud and dirt prior to washing -under a hose while wearing them. :)

Zip up zippers. Turn your garment inside out to protect prints and finishes. Use a garment bag if using a washing machine. Lovingly hand wash OR gentle 'Delicates' machine wash in cold/warm water with similar colours. Do not wash with other 'rough' fabrics which may rub your delicate cycling kit.

 Do not wash with garments which have velcro as it is like washing your kit with sandpaper and will cause pilling. 

DO NOT USE harsh detergents, soakers, softeners or bleach as this will *perish the fibres (*rot, destroy, ruin) in the fabrics and elastics. A gentle, mild, wool wash is best.

Rinse your garments thoroughly. Soap residue stops the fabric from performing as intended. It coats the fibres creating a non-aero finish thus slowing you down, makes your bibs slippery & dangerous in the rain or when wet. This paragraph I'm just pulling your leg to see if you're paying attention. I often smell groups of cyclists who smell like a laundromat and it's better than the alternative. 

Dry in shade on a line, do not dry in a hot dryer -extreme heat will also *destroy the fibres (perish, rot, ruin) and elastics.

Do not store your cycling kit while still wet or damp.

Line dry bibs & knicks inside out, chamois side OUT.

Fabric softener is BAD: it destroys wicking treatments, membranes, water repellent treatments, anti-bacterial properties etc etc

White wine vinegar for hard core purists is able to remove odour-causing bacteria. Hand wash in a mix of warm water & vinegar -then air dry. 

Try to wash your garment as soon as possible after wear as sweat & bacteria will ALSO rot the fabrics and elastics if left unwashed. SOME cycling gear has been known to walk itself to the laundry....but that may be un urban myth, possibly executed in secret by non-cycling partners or really good friends wearing long rubber gloves and pegs on their noses.

Fluro socks/ Fluro baselayers/ Grippers/ Fluro anything!        Wash in cold water by hand or with the same fluro colours in a short cold machine wash. IF you wash Fluro garments with dark colours -they will often absorb any dark dye in the water and turn a shade of GREYGE. :(

Base Layers: our Summer base layers need to be washed in a garment bag as the fabric will pull & pill if it comes into contact with anything rough. If it does get 'snagged' a couple of stitches by someone who can sew will keep the fabric intact. 

Gloves can be washed - by hand or do the velcro up and throw in  gentle wash on cold or warm temperature.

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