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  • What To Throw On This Cycling Season

    What To Throw On This Cycling Season


As warmer weather approaches, it gives cyclists the opportunity to leave the arm warmers, leg warmers, thermal caps and winter gloves at home and enjoy the warmth. But if this transition presents any challenge its knowing what's best to wear to avoid turning into a hot, gasping mess on the road. Here are a few tips on what jerseys you can sport to keep your cool this season. 


1. Stay Cool & Protected

A good spring/summer cycling jersey is a light weight jersey, one that's breathable and provides sun protection. Cheap jerseys, including some jerseys you get from cycling events, sometimes don’t provide sufficient sun protection. The material used for Cycology jerseys and cycling shorts has a UPF sun protection factor of 50, the highest rating, and blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays.



2. Is Black The New Black?

When choosing cycling kit, there is a common perception that white is better in summer as it reflects light and heat. However black colored clothing absorbs heat from your body and when you are cycling, the heat dissipates quickly in the wind. This is a topic open to debate, though dark colored cycling kit may be better than you assumed.


3. All About The Base

A surprise for some cyclists is that wearing a base layer in keeps you cooler. A lightweight, breathable skin-hugging base layer helps wick away sweat keeping you cooler and dryer.


4. Take A Long Line

With the increase in sun awareness, long sleeve jerseys and summer arm-protectors are becoming more popular.

Base layers and long sleeves go a long way in the spring/summer despite the implications of 'more is more' in hot climates. These tips will hopefully allow you to remain cool in coming months whilst you still sport quality cycling gear.

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