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  • More Tips On Caring For Your Cycling Gear

    More Tips On Caring For Your Cycling Gear


Innovation doesn’t just stop at what cycling gear you choose to sport; it can be seen in the way you wear your favorite cycling clothes. From ensuring your jersey maintains its fit, to avoiding a dirty helmet looking like a fossil, there are always new ways to look fresh. Indeed, appearing your best can be a vicious ‘cycle’ if your gear isn’t taken care of. Here are some more tips to help rejuvenate your cycling gear.


1. Use a wash bag 

Wash bags are cheap and can be used to protect your garments. This will help against scuffing from Velcro on cycling gloves or over-stretching of the bib shorts straps if they get tangled on the washing machine spindle.




2. Wash cool and slow 

Polyester and lycra (spandex) is best washed at a low speed in cold water. Avoid fabric softener (or bleach) as it can damage the fabric. Let your sportswear kit dry naturally and avoid the tumble dryer. Smelly cycling gear can be pre-soaked overnight in a bucket or sink with cold water and one cup of baking soda prior to washing.



3. Clean your helmet 

Sweat collects in your helmet padding and straps so every few months, wash your helmet and straps in soapy water before rinsing in clean water. Padding can usually be removed from the helmet and washed separately in the washing machine.




Of course innovative thinking isn't needed to realize that when you purchase good quality products you're already one step ahead, so once again make sure you consider the garment specifications when checking out our new cycling gear.

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