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  • Great Gift Ideas for Cyclists this Christmas

    Great Gift Ideas for Cyclists this Christmas



If you want to find the perfect Christmas present for a cycling fanatic, we have put together a selection of awesome Christmas ideas for bike riders.

Did you ever get a new bike for Christmas as a kid? Remember how it was pure joy to wake up on Christmas day and discover a shiny bike standing next to the tree? Now fast-forward a few years and shiny new bikes for adults can go little over budget.


Mens Underwear 

The first present on the list are our very own Cycology Boxer Briefs. You can joke about giving underwear for Christmas, but you no one will joke about these because they look awesome, they are super comfortable and they let bike riders secretly express their inner cyclist in everyday life.


DOL Grey Trunks 

Christmas Lights

The next Christmas gift idea for cyclists is the Fly6, it’s an integrated bike light and camera. This is not just a boys toy, rather is quite functional. The rear facing bike light with integrated rear-facing camera keeps tabs on the traffic so it is a safety camera as well. If you are feeling generous, throw in a Fly12 as well, this is the front-facing camera that has a bright light and a host of other high-tech features such as an integrated bike alarm.


cycling lights

Cycling Socks

Can you imagine the festive celebrations without Christmas stockings? At Cycology we can go one-better… cycling socks. A good pair of socks is a delight for your feet and you will never go back to the cheap and nasties again. Our Cycology socks are simple and stylish on the outside while under the covers we use high performance yarns for durability, comfort and wicking away moisture. There is a range of colours so you can combine them nicely with any kit. These are type of socks you really want to get for Christmas, and birthdays and every other day.


Cycling Socks Gifts For Cyclists



Cool Cycling Accessories

Next on our list of must-haves for this Christmas are the new KOO cycling sunglasses. Made by the Italian brand who produce KASK helmets, these sunnies are made to look cool. Of course they do everything sunnies should do, they offer the full spectrum of UV protection and protect the eyes from sweat but most of all, they look awesome. You can’t ignore the style factor and KOO cycling sunglasses will be released in December, just in time for Christmas.



Cycling Sung Glasses

Cycling Books

If you want a gift that keeps giving, a gift that saves money, then check out the Leonard Zinn series of bike maintenance books. There are comprehensive books for road bikes, mountain bikes and triathlon bikes. They will help keep the bikes out of the local bike shop and arm ‘your cyclist’ with the wisdom to properly service and repair their bikes. A word of advice, if ‘your cyclist’ starts spending too much time fixing their bikes, just hide the maintenance book for a while.


Bicycle Maintenance Books


Stylish Cycling Caps

Nothing says “I’m a cyclist” like the cyclist cap. Did you know that they are practical as well because they provide shade and sun protection for the top of the head while out for a ride. Our Cycology caps are super cool, one-size-fits-all and you automatically get points for style.


Cycology Cycling Caps Gifts for Cyclists 


The joy of giving and receiving on Christmas day for bike nuts is alive! Don't forget to check out our range of accessories here.

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